In the summer of 2013 Miniature Curiosa toured The United States to perform this spectacle in 17 cities, including Brooklyn, Key West, Santa Fe, San Antonio, Austin, and a bowling alley in Cleveland, Ohio. Tonight a Clown Will Travel Time received awards from The Pittsburgh Foundation and a Best of the Bay Award from Tampa's Creative Loafing. Miniature Curiosa is back, bringing Tonight a Clown Will Travel Time to Piccolo Spoleto.

June 4th, 7 and 9pm

June 5th, 5pm

477 King St.

Charleston, SC

PURE Theatre


January of 2014, Miniature Curiosa premiered Moon City: An Ahistorical Tale Regarding a Historic Man in a Florida Swamp in St. Petersburg as their inaugural performance in 5 Cities, 5 Plays, 555 Days. Miniature Curiosa is currently preparing for Spectacle #2 in San Antonio, Texas. 


In 2013, Miniature Curiosa traveled and performed in 17 cities across North America. This fall, we picked our five favorite. Over 555 days, Miniature Curiosa promises to premiere five entirely new spectacles in each of these cities.