The Clown Was Stung by Wasps

Premiering in San Antonio's 2017 Luminaria festival, Miniature Curiosa transformed a parking lot into a drive-in theater like no other. Audiences were invited to grab a radio from a concession stand and tune into a teen scream drama while peering into the windows of a 1990 Honda Civic. Or, they could simply change the dial to experience the evening’s obscure silent film, The Clown Was Stung By Wasps. 

Moon City

Loosely based on the life of amusement park revolutionary Frederick Ingersoll, Moon City follows Ingersoll’s obsessive endeavor to create an impossible wonderland in the untamed Florida swamp.  This marvel promises puppets, a thousand light bulbs, and, of course, an entire amusement park in less than ten-feet of space. Moon City originally premiered in St. Petersburg, Florida as part of Miniature Curiosa's 5 Cities, 5 Plays, 555 Days project. 

Photos by Mark Menjivar

Birds of America (or a Horror Play)

Birds of America is a live-action horror play. Cameras soar through miniature scenery and frightful dreamscapes of Birds of America as Miniature Curiosa takes us on a multimedia exploration into scale and suspense. Birds of America premiered at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh, PA in 2013. 


Tonight a Clown Will Travel Time


Clown, archivist, and amateur scientist Albert Billows has built a time machine. Followed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, haunted by a bloodthirsty execution of a lawbreaking pachyderm, and inspired by a mysterious woman from a century earlier, Albert Billows escapes to the past in order to change the course of human history and finally do something useful with his life. 

The Luna Park Project

Luna Park’s electric dreams came to a smoldering close in 1909. Over one hundred years later, two explorers came across the cinders of Frederick Ingersoll’s fantastic Mystic River ride. This ride was Ingersoll’s greatest work, and traverses his wildest dreams and most reviled nightmares providing a real live look inside of the brain of a genius of amusement. 


Puppet Photo Booth

Step inside a photo booth that has been transformed into a living room, day spa, and puppet theater. The Puppet Photo Booth has sat on the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh, The Brew House Association, and Future Tenant. You can view a photograph of almost every visitor to the photo booth by visiting