In 2013, Miniature Curiosa traveled and performed in 17 cities across North America. This fall, we picked our five favorite. Over 555 days, Miniature Curiosa promises to premiere an entirely new spectacle in each of these cities. In January of 2014, Miniature Curiosa premiered Moon City as the inaugural production of 5 Cities, 5 Plays, 555 Days in St. Petersburg, Florida.  









Can Miniature Curiosa write, build, and premiere five new shows in five different cities over the next year and a half? Of course we can! But only if we get your help. 

We are trying to raise $15,000 to support these brand spankin' new spectacles. That gives us a budget of $3000 per show to bring light, sound, portability, puppets, and all the wonder in the world to your fair cities. 

But wait, what will these spectacles be like, you ask? Consider this Miniature Curiosa's love letter to you. Each of these five cities offers Miniature Curiosa a very specific spark of inspiration - during this project we will enmesh ourselves in your city's fabric and produce five plays that reflect its influence. 

Please, help Miniature Curiosa embark on this whirlwind playmaking journey by contributing here.