Nov. 10th

The Clown Was Stung By Wasps

at Luminaria.             8pm / 10pm


On Nov. 10th, Miniature Curiosa will transform the parking lot of Hemisfair Park into a drive-in theater like no other. It’s a Friday night, and five teens are about to journey through one unsettling evening at the movies. Audiences are invited to grab a radio from the concession stand and tune into the teen scream drama as they peer into the windows of a 1990 Honda Accord. Or, simply change the dial to experience the evening’s obscure silent film, The Clown Was Stung By Wasps. Using a real car, audio transmitted via handheld FM radios, and live-projecting video cameras filming the movie live on-site, this brand new outdoor spectacle promises to be our most ambitious to date.

The Clown Was Stung By Wasps is part of San Antionio's Luminaria festival. The show will take place at 8:00pm and 10:00pm in the parking lot of Hemisfair Park [S. Alamo Street]. 

The event is free.