Zach Dorn weaves lost journal entries into peculiar tales by manipulating digital cameras through toy-sized streets filled with paper puppets. A lonely puppeteer stalks the child of two notorious celebrities, a three-foot ghost plagues an eight-year-old boy’s fragile psyche, and an opera-singing landlord refuses to return a security deposit. These stories and more explode onto the stage in this modern exploration into Toy Theater.  The creation of this work was made possible in part by the Alan Beckstead Award for Original Production from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio and a Seed Award from The Jim Henson Foundation. 


St. Petersburg, FL

 9:30PM at Studio@620


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03/07 to 03/10

Dallas, TX

Out of the Loop Festival


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Orlando, FL

2PM at Gallery at Avalon Island


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03/20 to 04/25

San Antonio, TX

Miniature Curiosa's

Toy  Theater Parlor

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Sarasota, FL

Sara-Solo Festival


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The Secret to Life, an investigation inside a hotel room 

Inside a room, a woman waits for you. Once inside, she may show you a dance, or tell you a story -- no matter the interaction you are sure to learn The Secret To Life. A three part show utilizing shadow puppetry, toy theatre, and good old fashioned dancing legs. The Secret To Life is performed and created by Murphi Cook.  The motel spectacle is part of San Antonio's Seven Minutes in Heaven and Contemporary Art Month. Fox Motel, March 7. 6-10PM. Free.