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Through low-fi technology, puppetry and non-linear storytelling, Miniature Curiosa presents fast-moving, fast-talking, live action comic books. In the classroom, Miniature Curiosa are explorers of the terrain known as impossibility. The pair focus on storytelling and provide students with the tools needed to tell unimaginable tales.  Using upcycled materials, modern technology, and cardboard, Miniature Curiosa turns the familiar into the exciting. Miniature Curiosa has worked with young audiences in Children's Museums, schools, book stores, and theaters across The United States. 

Performances and Workshops from Miniature Curiosa

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Live Projection Storytelling  

The explosive method of live-projection puppetry allows students to fabricate tiny worlds and transform them into spaces for scenery, activity, and character. Participants will explore the camera’s gaze, the collaboration with human and miniature scale, and the use of unexpected materials for spectacular moments. 


In the Shadows, the art of Overhead Shadow Puppetry 

During this workshop, participants will explore the possibility of overhead projectors as a storytelling device. Miniature Curiosa will guide students in the creation of silhouettes, the development of an original shadow puppet show, and offer expertise in positive and negative space.


Creating a Play from Start to Finish

What is a play? What is the best way to turn your idea into a story? During the first half of this class students will learn about what a play is and what it can be. The second half is spent creating an entire play from start to finish using a series of timed activities and repurposing of recycled materials. 

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