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Performances, Workshops, and Lectures from Miniature Curiosa, Zach Dorn, and Murphi Cook

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Five Excruciatingly Ordinary Toy Theater Shows         Press Packet / Video 1 / Video 2 / Pricing / Technical Requirements


Making the Archaic Modern Once More   

Some unexpected vehicles for storytelling may be sitting on a shelf in an old thrift shop, doing little more than collecting dust. The artists will demonstrate ways that archaic technology inspires innovation in storytelling and theater. Participants will explore overhead projectors, cassette players, television sets, and slide projectors to bring original spectacles to life. During this workshop participants will develop a 3-5 minute piece that pulls these dusty bits of the past off the shelf and onto the stage. Time: 2 to 4 Hours. Price: $400 to $550.


Live Projection Storytelling  

 The explosive method of live-projection puppetry allows artists to fabricate tiny worlds and transform them into spaces for scenery, activity, and character. Participants will explore the camera’s gaze, the collaboration with human and miniature scale, and the use of unexpected materials for spectacular moments. Live-projection will help participants broaden the possibility of theater by eliminating constraints of space and scale – the inclusion of the miniature allows the contemporary artist the opportunity to conquer unthinkable measures with minimal funds. Time: 2 to 4 Hours. Price: $400 to $550.


In the Shadows, the art of Overhead Shadow Puppetry 

During this workshop, participants will explore the possibility of overhead projectors as a theatrical device. Miniature Curiosa will guide participants in the creation of intricate silhouettes, the development of an original shadow puppet show, and offer expertise in materials, technique, and style. Time: 2 to 4 Hours. Price: $300 to $400. 


Writing Without Limits

When it comes to writing, sometimes there’s no bigger enemy than yourself. During this master class, participants will conquer those self critical demons and write a play from start to finish in just one hour using a series of right-brained writing exercises. No ideas are off limits, boundaries will be pushed, and everyone will leave scared of themselves! Time: 1 to 2 Hours. Price: $300.


Do It Yourself: Making a Play From Start to Finish

So you’ve written a play…now what? You could wait for a theatre company to pluck you up out of their pile of submissions and produce it, or you could do it yourself. This lecture discusses the ins and outs of do it yourself theatre, from grant writing to set building to soliciting your skills to the whole world. Miniature Curiosa will discuss their work and situate it within the broader context of contemporary theatre making.


From Miniature Theater to Digitized Paper

Zach Dorn takes an in-depth look at the history of toy theatre and its changing climate in today’s puppet landscape. What does modern toy theater look like? And how will it look in 25 years? This lecture includes a five-minute live projection toy theatre show. 

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